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Schedule your appointment with Appointment organiser

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Schedule your appointment with Appointment organiser

Specially designed to organise all your cleaners and clients services 

Schedule Cleaners and Services

Appointment organiser, schedules your cleaners jobs, and provides an easy view calendar of what cleaner is working, where and when and which cleaners are free. It is very easy to use and it is perfect for domestic and commercial cleaning services.  

A formidable array of functionality to make your business efficient and save you time.


  • Web based appointment scheduling software with functionality to Automate, streamline and improve your booking process.
  • Suitable for any industry and business.
  • Customise the site with uploading logo and slogans
  • Create unique pages for multiple locations
  • Easy to book, edit, change and cancel appointments
  • Automated confirmation email and sms to customers and staff immediately
  • Automated confirmation email and sms reminders to customers and staff
  • Customers can book directly using your  own website
  • Can be easily integrated in your own website by just inserting ‘book now’ buttons
  • View schedule for multiple staff members
  • View past and future appointments
  • View appointments in daily / weekly /Monthly view
  • Colour coded grid to determine appointment status
  • Customise appointment duration as needed ( 5, 10, 15, 30,45 and 60 minutes slots)
  • Create staff member profile
  • Assign individual staff logins
  • Set and restrict staff services
  • Maintain individual schedules
  • Set days off and block unavailable times and days
  • Set up main location values
  • Assign individual hours of operation for staff members
  • Staff sharing between locations
  • Set up custom confirmation emails and sms messaging
  • Coordinates with locations
  • Social media marketing in customers login
  • Option of payment structure via PayPal, bank transfer and cash
  • Discount providing options with social media marketing
  • Able to take daily, weekly, monthly report as per your requirement
  • Prepare Feedback survey questionnaire, email to your customers and get feedback.
  • Review the feedback from your customers and develop your business.
  • End to end Secured transmission of data's


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